Faux Feather Romper

final white romper2

{Romper, Purse (similar), Sandals (similar)}

I have to admit that I might have a little bit of a problem. I am obsessed with rompers. I used to actually hate them because when they first started trending I couldn’t find any that weren’t too long on my very short self. But now that I’ve found what kind to look for and the fact that there are so many options out there, I love them! My favorite thing about this one is the fringe detail that looks almost like feathers. The pattern on the whole thing is so pretty. It could definitely be dressed up with heels and different jewelry too. And by the way, it’s only $25…

final white romper4

final white romper5

final white romper3

final white romper1

Beauty Splurges: Aveda Products


Sale is usually always my favorite word, but there are some things I have to make an exception for. I love Aveda products. Ever since I was little and I would wait for my mom while she had her hair done, I loved the smell of Aveda products. These are two of my favorites. The Brilliant Shampoo smells amazing. When my stylist used it I remembered my hair smelling even better than normal, but I didn’t bother asking what it was cause I didn’t need shampoo, but I just couldn’t get over the smell so I went to the salon and sniffed them all until I found it. It’s for textured and treated hair. It’s meant to wash out any build-up from products you use. I use it once a week and the next day is the best smell of my life. I know, it’s a little weird. My other favorite product is the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. It’s a really light oil that’s great for getting static out and also for overall dryness and frizz. I have really thick hair and I only need 1-2 drops for my whole head. I just work most of it in at the ends and then use what’s left on my hands for the rest.

Summer Essentials: Footwear

flip flop collage

{one, two, three, four, five}

This week I’ve been on the hunt for some cute, yet comfy flip flops to wear to work. Because it’s a boutique, I’m on my feet a lot. So every day when I get off I walk to my car in pain. I mean, my sandals are very cute, but have zero support. But beauty is pain, right? Well, I’ve had enough, so I’ve been looking for semi-squishy flip flops that have cute straps to wear instead. All of these are from DSW, so they’re pretty decently-priced. I’m going to head over there sometime this week and try a few one. Hopefully I find some that can save my feet!

Tips For Easy Makeup Days (Especially For Oily Skin)

makeup look final

One of my biggest struggles on my days off used to always be whether or not to put on makeup. I didn’t really have a reason to, but I just feel better with something on, especially if I’m going to run errands or grab a coffee or something. My other issue is the fact that I have very oily skin and just putting  on a tinted moisturizer or BB cream was not going to cut it for me, but I figured out a way to wear it if you are someone with oily skin. The most important thing to remember about this look is to make what you already have flawless: your skin, your brows, and your lashes.

  1. Add a little color to your complexion. The best way to do this is to use a tinted moisturizer. And for those of us who have oily skin, add a primer underneath. Its one more step, but it really makes a difference. I like to use e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer and Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer. When you’re going for a bare minimum makeup look, I think it’s important to have a flawless base. The primer not only helps stop the skin from getting too oily, but it also fills in pores and makes the tinted moisturizer go on smoothly.
  2. Fill in your brows. This doesn’t have to be a very long process. I usually just fill in where they look sparse and brush them through. I like to use NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil. A good tip is to brush them upwards after penciling in where needed. This makes them look fuller and shows your natural shape better.
  3. Play up your lashes. Out of everything for this makeup look, having thick, full lashes is the most important thing since you won’t have any other eye makeup on. I love Maybelline Full ‘N Soft because it doesn’t lengthen lashes. It just makes them very fluffy and natural-looking. I usually use one coat of the regular one and one coat of the waterproof one. The waterproof mascara makes it last all day, but the bottom coat makes it easier to take off.

3 Reasons To Just Cut Your Hair


Since I cut my hair, I’ve had several coworkers and friends tell me how much they want to do the same, but just haven’t worked up the courage to finally do it. In my opinion, if you’ve been contemplating for a while, just go for it, cause it’ll always grow back. And here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You can’t stop thinking about it.
  2. You can’t figure out how to style it anymore.
  3. You just need a change.

For months I struggled with the idea of chopping my hair off. Every time I made an appointment I would tell everyone I knew that this would be the day I’d finally do it…and I never did. I was so tired of my long hair. I have naturally very thick and wavy hair, so waiting for it to dry took hours. We’re talking like 6 hours of my life. And on days when I didn’t feel like styling it, it looked like crap. And in the summer, it’s hot. So after lots of contemplating and looking at pictures on Pinterest of the exact hair cut I wanted, I didn’t tell anyone and I went for it. I hadn’t gotten more than a trim done in about 4 years, but I cut almost 6 inches off of my hair. Don’t get me wrong. It was an emotional battle for the first 2 weeks or so, but after that I loved it. It’s fast to style and the best part is, it dries before I go to bed now.

The Style: A long bob, slightly longer in the front (it makes it a little less of a dramatic change) and long layers.



Summertime Neutrals



{purse, white dress, cut-out heels, sunglasses, off-white dress, bracelet, earrings, wedge heels}

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying to buy more neutral items so that more things in my closet match. I want to slowly build a timeless wardrobe. I’ve been shopping around online and getting some ideas for new things. I’ve decided I need a neutral pair of wedges and more white and off-white dresses. I think those are perfect additions to any girl’s closet. You can do so much with them.

Perfect for a Lake Day


{Top, Shorts}

This entire outfit cost me less than $50 and it’s all so great for hot summer days, especially if you’re going to be out in the heat all day long. I live in outfits like this, especially when I’m not working. It’s such an easy outfit to put together. The top was a little long for my short person body, but I’ve been loving the look of tying knots to make long tops fit better. And the cut-offs are so comfy. They’re longer in the front and back, so your booty doesn’t hang out, which is a plus!





Homemade Iced Coffee

coffee post

I’ve learned a few secrets about making coffee in my almost 3 years of working as a barista. One of the best drinks (in my opinion) has to be iced coffee. There are so many ways to modify it to your liking. Best of all, though, it’s cheap to make yourself! And very easy!

You’ll Need:

A coffee maker, ground coffee of your choice, and of course, ice.


  1. Add twice the amount of ground coffee you would normally add to your coffee maker and put the normal amount of water you usually use. I use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per every 5 ounces of water.
  2. Brew and then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Add ice and whatever else you’d like…cream, sugar, etc.

5 Ways to De-stress Your Life

  1. Keep things clean and uncluttered. I’ve found that having a clean space just makes me feel better. Coming home from a stressful day at work can just get worse if I walk in to a mess. I started organizing different things every week in order to keep up with everything and I made it a habit to make my bed as soon as I woke up in the morning. Little things like this can make a big difference.
  2. Make Lists. I’ve always been pretty bad about procrastinating and the only thing that has helped me get out of doing that is making lists of things to do. I have a list for the week and a list for each day. Just checking things off makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s a good feeling to have one less thing to worry about out of all the things you have to do.
  3. Take time for yourself. Whether it’s once a day or once a week, taking a little time to do something that makes you happy is important. Sometimes it can be something as simple as having some chocolate before bed or indulging in grabbing your favorite overpriced coffee on Saturday afternoons.
  4. Get more sleep. It definitely takes a toll on your body when you don’t sleep enough. In my experience, it can make stress even worse. I’ve learned to just not fight it when I need to go to bed early. I always feel so much better the next day. I have more energy and my overall mood is just better.
  5. Take time to unwind. While sleep is important, actually relaxing enough to fall asleep is something I think a lot of people struggle with, myself included. Reading a book, watching your favorite sitcom, or doing some yoga can help you relax your brain before bed.